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Photos from project: Life Science & Bio Engineering, Building DTU-B202
Process Management



Generally, the construction industry focuses, above anything else, on technical solutions and finances. However in the rush to build, those responsible often forget to stick to the simple and sensible processes that ensure proper solutions, and that the budget and schedule is adhered to.

Martin & Co’s staff are experienced in guaranteeing the processes relating to contractual relationships, responsibility distributions, and decisions.

Construction Project


After the conceptual design phase, the management of the project is crucial for success.

More than half of projects or new tasks that are initiated, experience problems relating to the implementation and/or the handover to the project owner. This can be caused by many things, but often, it is one or more of the following reasons:

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Construction Project Management
Construction Management



Martin & Co’s staff use their managerial and technical experience to ensure progress for the project owner’s project, as well as to create transparency and consistency with the demands that the project owner and their organization have for the project.



All projects have risks, and often these are not dealt with actively during the project.

Martin & Co works with tools that provide an overview of the project’s risk profile regarding time and finances. We take an objective approach to the individual risk and work openly and honestly to minimise negative influences on the schedule and finances of the project.

It is important for us that project owners always have the most accurate understanding of the risks at their disposal regarding the project’s completion.

Risk Management - Martin & Co
Budget Management - Martin & Co



For us, the budget is the key prerequisite to each and every project.

Therefore Martin & Co have always focused on control, transparency and consistency.

We work with different tools, including ‘Earned value’ and production curves to create a solid foundation for budget management, forecasting, and reporting.



Martin & Co has discovered that the traditional Gantt chart is the best way to communicate schedules in the construction industry. However, we differentiate ourselves by focussing and persisting on the time management of the design phase as well as bringing other tools into play when required.

The foundation of a good construction phase is a good, timely design, so that the building contracts and logistics plans are finalised in time and a strong implementation schedule can be achieved.

Scheduling Management - Martin & Co

The story behind Martin & Co. ApS.

The idea for Martin & Co originated from a collaboration between Jan Martin Sørensen and René Christiansen. They first met whilst working together on a laboratory project for DTU (Technical University of Denmark), where they were asked to enter into the management of the construction phase of that project.

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Martin & Co

Our values

– How we work!

Martin & Co is built on Responsibility, Management, and Transparency.

We believe in long-lasting relationships; credibility and respect are absolutely crucial to this.

We want satisfied clients and therefore work effectively, while simultaneously making things simple and easily understandable.

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